43rd Westchester International Exhibition 2016

The Color Camera Club of Westchester proudly presents the results from its 43rd Westchester International Exhibition of Photography.

The Color Camera Club of Westchester wishes thanks to all of the entrants from all over the world for their submissions, and to our judges for their dedication, time and skill to score this incredible collection of images.

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Note: The order of images is alphabetical when viewing individual images. For convenience, they have been broken out by awards below and honorable mention on the results pages.


Projected Image Division

Nature Division

PSA Gold Medal for Best of Show

Chen, Jinghui

"Beautiful Plain No.1" (AWARD)

Huizhou, Guangdong


PSA Gold Medal for Best of Show

Chan, Dany, , EPSA

"Flamingos Taking Off" (AWARD)

Toronto, Ont.


Paul Camerino Memorial Medal - Best Still Life

Horsnell, Jenni, EFIAP, GMPSA

"Three Tulips" (HM/ME)

Wagga Wagga, Nsw


John Bottjer Memorial Medal - Best Bird Image

Phua, Seng Huat

"Hi You" (HM/ME)

Kuala Lumpur





2016 Projected Image Division - Exhibition Results


2016 Nature Division - Exhibition Results



Closing Date
February 27, 2016

Recognition ID Number: PSA 2016-046

Sandy Gennrich, Walter Kimmel and Alison Wachstein



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